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24 May 2027 @ 03:36 pm
Welcome to Divinity Doll's LJ blog.  Here we'll be posting updates for the site and special event info such as future convention appearances and event sales we'll be having.  As well, you'll find the current status of orders.  Please allow 2-4 days from date of invoice for your order status to become available here.  To check your order status, please look for the order # included with your invoice on the list below.

If you have any questions, please use the help page available on www.divinitydoll.com or email us directly at divinitydoll@divinitydoll.com

Payment status:

Payment pending - awaiting full or partial payments
Paid - full payment made

Order status:

Pending - order not complete
Processing - doll in production/order being completed
Shipping pending - order complete awaiting shipping
Shipped - order shipped/in transit/order concluded

Order # / Status

AA001 / Shipped
AA003 / Shipped
AA005 / Shipped
AA008 / Shipped
AA010 / Shipped
AA012 / Shipped
AA014 / Shipped
AA016 / Shipped
AA017 / Shipped
AA018 / Shipped
AA020 / Shipped

AA022 / Shipped
AA027 / Shipped
AA028 / Shipped
AA032 / Shipped
AA033 / Shipped
AA034 / Shipped
AA035 / Shipped
AA036 / Shipped
AA037 / Shipped
AA038 / Shipped
AA039 / Shipped
AA042 / Shipped
AA045 / Shipped
AA047 / Shipped
AA048 / Shipped
AA050 / Shipped
AA051 / Shipped
AA052 / Shipped
AA055 / Shipped
AA056 / Shipped
AA057-0930 / Shipped
AA058 / Shipped
AA059 / Shipped
AA060 / Shipped
AA061 / Shipped
AA065 / Shipped
AA066 / Shipped
AA067 / Shipped
AA068 / Paid - Processing
AA069 / Shipped
AA070 / Shipped
AA072 / Shipped
AA075 / Shipped
AA078 / Shipped
AA080 / Shipped
AA081 / Shipped
AA082 / Shipped
AA083 / Shipped
AA084 / Shipped
AA085 / Shipped
AA092 / Shipped
AA093 / Shipped
AA095 / Shipped
AA098 / Shipped
AA100 / Shipped
AA102 / Shipped
AA105 / Shipped
AA107 / Shipped
AA109 / Shipped
AA112 / Shipped
AA113 / Shipped
AA114 / Shipped
AA115 / Shipped
AA116 / Shipped
AA117 / Shipped
AA120 / Shipped
AA124 / Shipped
AA129 / Shipped

Updated:  September 10, 2008
21 September 2008 @ 04:13 pm
Due to a busy period at our day jobs, reply to questions and orders will be slower than normal.  Please allow a few extra days for replies to your inquiries.  We will definitely not ignore your questions and will reply the first chance we have.  The planned update to the site will also be delayed due to the same reason. 

Please understand that the Divinity Doll staff do not sell dolls for a living.  We all have different day jobs that require our attention and right now, our jobs require much more of our time than usual and we have no choice but to work overtime many days of the week.

We will be taking a much needed vacation October 31 to November 2 and will be attending Youmacon in Detroit, MI.  If you are going as well, please come by our dealers table to say hi.  We will not be bringing any Abio Angels to sell, but will have a large amount of doll clothing for sale, including many new items that were not available at previous conventions!
10 October 2007 @ 04:36 pm
The artist has officially discontinued "Ba".  No more will be made.  We have a small stock of Ba in Normal Skin available and will continue to sell them until they are gone.  Please note that our stock is ONLY in Normal Skin, so any orders for Ba in other skintones will not be accepted.
02 August 2007 @ 11:22 pm
Hello, we have some urgent news.

The artist for ABIO Angel has decided to discontinue the current normal skin and pure skin.  They will be replaced with a new lighter normal skintone.  This change will be effective immediately.  The cost for the new normal skin will be the same as the old normal skintone.

Divinity Doll